Our Panel

This section highlights our panel strengths and recruitment methodologies. 

Visit Our Recruitment Website

Below is a link to the platform used by our panel members to sign up for surveys and other engagements.

Recruitment Process

HCP leads

We receive contact leads from our sign up website, online databases, hospital records, social media etc.

Recruitment Pitch

Our recruiters brief them about the benefits of joining the panel, the monthly incentives, and about how their information is used.

Signing Up

If a potential panelist is interested they are made to opt-in online on our website where their consent is obatined to join the panel.


All the information provided by the panelist is verified through online data sources such as national directories, hopsital websites etc.

Double Opt-in

If we are able to verify the panelist information, an on-boarding email is sent to them with a panelist activation link.

Verification Failure

If we are unable to verify the respondent, we seek submission of a photo ID and the relevant medical liscense number for verification.

Regular data checks and panel updating

We perform regular data checks from time to time and we request our panelists to update their profiles annually.

Our Global Reach


Currently, No. We are not a part of ESMOAR but we do follow all the practices, procedures and guidelines laid down by ESOMAR. Please find our answers to ESOMAR28 here.

Yes, we do. All our panelists are required to provide their consent while joining our panel and they are informed clearly about how their personal information is stored, transferred, and may be shared with the third parties. Data protection and privacy is of utmost importance to us and we make sure adequate internal measures are adopted to enforce the same.

90% of our studies are conducted using our proprietary panels. In case, there is a need to use partners to achieve the quoted targets, we seek exclusive consent from our client before we do so.


Panel Members




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